Koussevitzky S.A.

Сергей Алексанрович КусевицкийWith six years Sergei played the viola and cello, but most of all he liked the bass for some reason. Home early in the morning the boy locked in the old wooden bath house and spent many hours practicing on an old clumsy instrument, washed his fingers in the blood, but persistently pecked studies and exercises. One day his father asked him why he was so stubbornly cling to this bulky thing? And Sergei said: “I want to play it better than anyone.” As we see, the later conversations that bass though was random tool for Koussevitzky, groundless. The natural attraction to the contrabass appeared from Koussevitzky as a child.

Sergei later began dreaming of becoming a conductor, but falling in love with a strange, huge, hulking, seemingly, the tool has never left him. Bass was the instrument that brought his first world Koussevitzky slavu.Odnako in 1891 when Sergei three rubles in his pocket from his father secretly left for Moscow to enter the Conservatoire, he thought nothing of the conductor’s class. But the entrance exams he missed – and at the conservatory, and the Philharmonic School, status equated to the conservatory. The college director asked him to choose a class trombone, bassoon and bass – it was a free class with a scholarship. Fate seemed hard Koussevitzky led to his first fame: he entered the class teacher to the famous Bass J. Rambauseku. Passion for the favorite tool broke at Koussevitzky with a bang. Once again, he wakes up the crack of dawn and begins to play scales and exercises. He has played in ensembles, showing himself a great ensemble player, so that one year after admission to the college of his take Philharmonic Orchestra in a private opera of Savva Mamontov. Sometimes in rehearsal rehearsal he entered into competition with the cellist and came out the winner and part art, and part of clarity. Soon the Koussevitzky went to Moscow as a remarkable fame a double bass virtuoso. It is unique as a virtuoso, he was brought to the present day by Tchaikovsky. Koussevitzky played composer Andante cantabile from his first quartet in its own transcription. Tchaikovsky sat at the piano … We think this meeting Koussevitzky remembered forever.

Koussevitzky studied and played. Played on vacation in Riga orchestra, moonlighting in various Moscow orchestras, playing music and parties and student parties, playing in the opera Mamontov. In 1894, still a student, it can withstand competition for a place in the bass Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre and then transferred to the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Work in the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater strongly promoted skill musician, and two years later Koussevitzky first enters the stage with a solo program: in St. Petersburg, he performs a concert contrabass Stein Bottesini Tarantella. Press once said twenty-two of the actor: “Mr. Koussevitzky … can give the bass melody vitality and shine passages … “” … he showed … production technology and tone, sometimes completely removing the cello sounds … ”

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